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Character Name: Oz Vessalius
Canon: Pandora Hearts
Point taken from canon: Post. Ch. 63
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Due to his age, Oz isn’t all that tall yet, seeming rather short in comparison to Gil who’s older and a lot taller than he is. He has short, bright blonde hair and definitive green eyes. Where he’s taken from, he’s wearing a formal black outfit that ends in shorts along with black socks and formal shoes. Seen here~

Background: Here

Personality: Despite being part of such a noble, prestigious family, Oz Vessalius was the opposite of what you would expect from someone coming from such a noble line. Nothing ever kept him down and he always seemed to harbor a bright, optimistic personality with an almost endless amount of energy that he showed on an almost constant basis. Though as a young child, he did work hard to gain praise and recognition from the man he seemed to respect and care for the most; his father.

During an incident that occurred when Gilbert [his servant] confronted his father, Oz discovered that not only did his father hate him; he hated him to the point of not wanting to ever touch him and claimed he was ‘filthy’. This happened to change Oz for the worse and after such an event, he started to believe that there was no ‘guaranteed’ thing in this world even if he accepted everything. Even if it were to be sad or painful, if he thought this way and accepted everything, then he wouldn’t get hurt even when people left him.

With such a selfless, self-sacrificial mindset, Oz first thought that in order to protect his friends and family - with himself being as weak as he was - the least he could do would be to not cause trouble and allow himself to get hurt in their place. Though this all had seemed to have changed after an encounter with a boy named Elliot Nightray. He had forced Oz to realize that the way he’d been acting was only hurting those who are closest to him, not protecting them. Feeling guilt from now knowing this very fact of what he had done, Oz then vowed to become stronger to protect his friends instead of putting his own life first.

Though, as such, there was more to more to Oz then his exterior seemed to show.

At least once or twice within the series, Oz had started to show signs of this almost psychotic side to him. The first being in early canon when he was faced with a possessed Gil, telling him that he’d rather die before seeing Gil betray him and break his promise. He took the end of Gil’s gun - previously pointed at his shoulder - and placed it beneath his chin, daring him to follow through with ‘killing’ him, a rather manic smile being worn on his face just then. This was only the first and there are several other instances in canon where we have seen him showing a very similar mentality. A recent example of this would be within Chapter 38 when Oz is within Sablier and he is confronted with a form of left-over /fragment/ of a man named Glen Baskerville, the man’s words and actions that soon end up driving Oz into this almost manic state once more. The same look from that first instance had returned and he insisted on that he had to destroy everything, only barely shaken when Elliot got his attention and tore him away before he could have done any more damage. To his mind or anything else around him.

However that’s entirely short lived.

As of recent canon, we start to see Oz’s slowly losing himself in a way and seems to sort of be going a bit ‘mad’ and that instance in chapter 38 seems to start happening more and more, summoning B-Rabbit’s Scythe and going awol on the chains. Only Alice has been able to stop him once before. He also seems to be a bit more jaded due to everything as canon continues to go on, but whether that’s a side effect of his contract with Alice furthering itself or not isn’t entirely clear.

On the more positive side of his personality, Oz was always seen to have a rather caring side to him and his loyalty to his friends knew no bounds; the two closest to him being the Chain by the name of Alice and his servant Gilbert. However, it’s with Alice that he becomes strangely protective and always has to ‘destroy what makes her sad’ without thought and he starts to lose himself and forgets his restraints. When it came to those two in general or anybody close to him, Oz was the type to be very trusting, and that he has always been someone whom had honest, sharp instincts about things and people. Though in regards to Gilbert, even though the man devotes his entire attention to him as his servant, in the past and after the Abyss, he loves to torture/bully Gil whenever he can get the chance. His favorite one is using Gil’s phobia of cats against him to bully him but he never means any ill will, doing so merely for a good laugh. Even with that, he still does remain a devious, sneaky teenager with a horrible habit to flirt with cute, younger girls without even a second thought in his head. That latter aspect of him being the only thing that has /never/ changed throughout canon.

Keeping in mind these previous facts, Oz has always been known to have quite the smarts and has been able to figure out things rather adeptly whenever the need to has arisen. It has saved him and his friends a few times from trouble, and while it can sometimes be rare to see this, he is also rather witty and never seemed to be lacking in comebacks. Even with his enemies in the heat of a battle. Outside of recent events as well, Oz is normally very bubbly and full of energy, never really seeming to lack it unless something bad happens or merely even using that to cover how he’s feeling as to not make other people worry about him.

However, the one thing about him that has changed about Oz since the very beginning has to be that with Elliot Nightray’s death, he’s started to become a ‘proper’ noble and has begun dressing more proper and like the adult he should be as he is the heir to the Vessalius family after all. He’s a young man who’s had to cope with his best friend’s death and is starting to grow up and mature a bit with all that’s been happening.

Abilities/Strengths: Due to Oz being in an illegal contract with the chain named Alice, his body harbors her power and had to be sealed as to prevent his life from being exterminated from the mass amount of power that would be constantly wearing away his body. Chains being creatures from a place called The Abyss, a place that is a wasteland in appearance and creates these chains which come in many different shapes and forms and need a contractor to exist in the human world. A seal was put in place by Gilbert Nightray [his servant], using the power of his own chain whose name is Raven. Without this seal, his body - as mentioned above - has power rushing through it and in turn, it causes this contractor’s clock on Oz’s chest [something he’s had since he made the contract] to move and essentially, shortening his life.

Recently though, he’s been able to summon Alice’s scythe and her chains to use freely at his disposal and when he becomes like this it’s clear he’s not himself so it would be wise to stay away from him while he’s in this state. Outside of that, Oz is rather a normal boy to say the least. Though his travels have helped add to his reflexes becoming quicker as he’s been training in sword fighting with Xerxes Break –and losing to him I might add~

Weaknesses: Despite his smiles that he wears, Oz does have his fair bit of emotional weaknesses.

The one thing overall you could say he does fear overall anything would likely be rejection as at a young age his father had rejected him to the point of calling him filthy and not wanting to even touch him. Whenever the man is mentioned now, it’s enough to make him… downtrodden and he freezes up, becoming quiet. It really affects him even though it’s been years since it happened. When it comes to things that he treasures… that would have to be his family and his friends as that’s what his world revolves around and if anything happens to them it would likely destroy him.

The one thing notably though, is Alice. If anyone tries to hurt her, he kinda loses it and promises to destroy whatever is hurting her and not thinking as rationally as he might normally. She means a lot to him in several ways and if she was taken away from him it may make him go mad.
It’s lesser but… when it comes to cute, slightly younger girls, Oz can’t resist them and usually will flirt with them if he has a chance and will turn on all the charm [see: ladies’ man] without any hesitation.

Though even with all of this and all Oz has been through in canon, Oz’s not exactly all that sane either. He has to deal with Jack Vessalius [his predecessor] being inside his head and able to take control of his body whenever he so chooses. That being which has happening recently and as such, Jack acted on Oz’s emotions and killed Isla Yura without thought and leaving Oz to deal with it. That coupled with the fact that he’s a bit warped from B-Rabbit’s power [Alice’s] starting to get to him, part of the reason he didn’t even seem to notice as he selflessly killed several chains until the very end when it was too late.
Other than that there’s not much else to say on his weaknesses, really =/ Oz’s dad is still the biggest bastard in the world though... ;;

Other: Uhh… nothing else that I can think of ~

Action Writing Sample:

[It takes a few tries but he does manage to get the little device working. Having shaky hands really wasn’t helping anything in the least. A bit of fumbling and the video feed clicks on though, his face pale and seeming very much ruffled though he wouldn’t admit to it.

Dressed formally and seeming so out of place to his surroundings. Grip’s tight in its own way but soon enough, manages a smile as he straightens up a little. He seems like he’s seen a ghost.

It wasn’t as if he could forget the horrific sight he’d seen before waking here...]

…A-Ah...I don’t know what’s going on… but…

[Pauses, thinking for a moment and swallows heavily. Debating if he should even continue with this next part, being as he’s not even at home anymore. Choosing something else to ask seems far simpler so Oz decides to settle with that for now.]

Does anyone know where I am? I… don’t know how I got here but I’d like to be sent home...

[Another lingering hesitation shows on his face and the video trails away from his face briefly, showing lush, green scenery behind him in the background] I don’t know if they’re here or not but… if anyone’s seen a girl with long, dark hair, purple eyes and a love for meat and a reaaally tall guy with wavy black hair and gold eyes here… can someone tell me~?

I need to talk to them as soon as I can so... the sooner the better would be great~

[He’s wearing a smile now; the edges strained. It’s taking a lot to act so casually happy with everything sinking in about Leo and what he’d said... but now that he was here, it’d be better, right?]

Third Person Writing Sample:

Since that time.

He’d known Leo had been changed by Elliot’s death but he’d never known it had gotten that far. This bad.

It had been so disheartening, when he had seen Leo one moment, crying over Elliot’s dead, bloody corpse and then smiling so happily and upbeat now. He’d… changed into an almost completely different person when all that had happened was that Leo had gotten a haircut and lost his glasses. He didn’t want to assume it made someone automatically different and that was something he tried to abide by, but that gut instinct told him to be careful.

Listening to Leo explain his past was tugging at emotions inside of him but he just walked along with him silently, taking in the scents and sights of the town around them. From freshly baked bread, gingerly cooked meat to the light, fragrant flowers that hung in baskets from lampposts, the scents mixed and intertwined together to the point it was hard to pick one out from the other if you weren’t paying attention. Something Oz found he wasn’t really doing, drawn into Leo’s words as he entirely explained out his life before him; before Elliot.

Even after.

The Nightray had meant so much to him, but he realized now that to Leo, it was an entirely different level.
He’d never thought about it before but... it was a lot like with Gilbert if he really wanted to rationalize it to a point. Lose him and the world would crumble down. Widen that hole that had formed in his heart when he’d found Elliot, covered in blood and knowing somehow he’d attributed to it.
Feeling eyes on him, Oz turned his gaze back to the darker-haired boy who’d turned to look at him with a curious expression. “Is something wrong, Mister Oz?” Upon being asked that, Oz blinked too-green eyes, shifted his weight on the pavement and tilted his head to the side while flashing a smile. “Not at all~” Lips strained to keep the smile even as Leo turned and continued on, hesitation clear before Oz continued down the street with him. Ever aware of Gilbert and Vincent - as well as Echo and Alice - in the near background following after them, occasionally catching snippets of conversation here and there.

Though his focus was on Leo, brows narrowed a bit when he took it all in.

It was all a little hard to believe just how Leo had thought it was all going to work. He wanted to re-enact a Tragedy to obtain and destroy the will of Abyss… he refused to allow that to happen. Yet even with that in mind, he couldn’t help but quirk a small smile as he rocked back on his heels slightly. “I don’t really like… people who go brandishing the banner of justice. No matter the humans involved… there is no black or white, no justice or evil. There is only our will”

Those were words he would never take back but he meant them. He wouldn’t sit by as innocent people were killed just for that one goal.

Especially if it was done in such a backwards, corrupt way like Leo was trying to accomplish.
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